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  Division of Forensic Services (DFS)  

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The Division of Forensic Services (DFS) strives to improve the effectiveness of the criminal justice community and enhance public safety by delivering accurate, complete, and timely crime scene evidence collection and forensic laboratory analysis. These services are provided at no cost to state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois.

The DFS is comprised of two separate commands, the Forensic Sciences Command and Crime Scene Services Command. The DFS enforces strict quality assurance measures across both commands to ensure accurate forensic services are delivered. The forensic laboratories are accredited by Forensic Quality Services-International (FQS-I), under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/IEC) 17025:2005 standards; individual crime scene investigators are certified by the International Association for Identification. The DFS currently operates the third largest forensic laboratory system in the world behind the Forensic Science Services (United Kingdom) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Forensic Sciences Command

The Forensic Sciences Command (FSC) administers seven operational laboratories across the state providing evidence testing in the areas of forensic biology/DNA, firearms/toolmarks, latent fingerprints, drug chemistry, trace chemistry, toxicology, questioned documents, and microscopy. In addition, a DNA Indexing laboratory processes DNA profiles mandated by law to be entered into the state-level database. The FSC also operates a Research and Development laboratory where new technologies are evaluated and validated before being implemented in the laboratories and used on actual forensic cases.

Forensic Scientists working within the FSC regularly employ forensic databases to help solve crimes. The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) permits unknown DNA profiles recovered at crime scenes to be searched against DNA profiles from known individuals or from other unsolved cases to identify potential suspects. Similarly, unknown fingerprints are entered into the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and searched against millions of known fingerprints to identify perpetrators. Firearms evidence is entered into the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) in an attempt to link firearms used in various violent crimes.

Crime Scene Services Command

The Crime Scene Services Command (CSSC) is broken down into five geographic regions which cover the entire state of Illinois. Approximately 40 sworn crime scene investigators (CSIs) are assigned to these regions with the goal of responding to violent crime anywhere in the State within one hour. CSIs are trained in photography, crime scene mapping, evidence processing, and evidence handling and packing. Several CSIs receive additional training in forensic art and blood-stain pattern analysis. These disciplines help identify suspects based on witness descriptions and reconstruct events at crime scenes where bloodshed occurred, respectively. On-site polygraph services are also provided by civilian examiners working throughout Illinois.

The CSSC’s Forensic Diagramming and Animation Section (FDA) generates computerized courtroom diagrams, forensic animations, and three-dimensional models for use as demonstrative aids in criminal court. The Computer Evidence Recovery Unit (CERU), also under the CSSC, conducts forensic examinations on computers, cell phones, and other digital media submitted by law enforcement agencies across Illinois.

  DFS Contact Info  

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Illinois State Police
Division of Forensic Services
801 South Seventh Street
Suite 900-S
Springfield, IL 62703
(217) 785-7542

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