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  Illinois State Police Open Meeting Minutes   

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Interstate Gun Trafficking Task Force (IGTTF) - 12/14/2010 Meeting Minutes

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Press Release Date: December 15, 2010    || Archived March 23, 2017
A. Roll Call—First Deputy Director Luis Tigera, Illinois State Police
Members Present:
State Senator Antonio Munoz (via teleconference)
State Representative Andre Thapedi (via teleconference)
State Representative Dennis Reboletti (via teleconference)
Deputy Attorney General Michael Hood
Assistant State’s Attorney Tom Mahoney
First Deputy Director Luis Tigera
Deputy Superintendent Ernest Brown (via teleconference)
First Deputy Chief Mike Smith
Chief Russell Laine
Sheriff Patrick Perez
Chief Scott Williams
B. Vote to adopt meeting minutes from November 10 meeting
A motion to adopt the minutes was made by Representative Thapedi and seconded by First Deputy Chief Smith. All members present concurred and the minutes were adopted.
C. Follow-up Marketing Campaign Presentation – Ms. Janet Webber
Ms. Janet Webber originally presented a sample marketing campaign to the IGTTF in August. Ms. Webber was invited to the meeting by Deputy Superintendent Brown to revisit the same marketing campaign presented in August, with the addition of a few different creative ideas on print advertising. Ms. Webber broadened her focus in this presentation to include appealing advertising to rural downstate Illinois. Ms. Webber had predominately focused her sample marketing campaign in August on the city of Chicago. Ms. Webber went through several PowerPoint slides/sample advertisements, and answered questions from the membership. Ms. Webber focused mainly on billboards on public transportation (buses, El platforms etc.) and on the interstates. Ms. Webber’s campaign was centered on firearms safety to current gun owners, and removing guns from the homes targeted toward women and teenagers. Ms. Webber included alarming statistics on each advertisement so the reader could “arm themselves with the facts” on guns and gun ownership. Representative Thapedi inquired with Ms. Webber on the cost of her proposed campaign. Ms. Webber could not put a monetary figure to her presentation and stated she would get back to the Representative with a solid figure in the near future.
D. IGTTF Report of Findings – Open Discussion
ASA Tom Mahoney brought up the Valadez Law numbers in the current draft report as being inaccurate. ASA Mahoney stated, to date, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office has charged 177 defendants with the Valadez Law since December 2009. Deputy Superintendent Brown stated he would get the updated Chicago Police Department district breakdown on total arrests for the Valadez Law and provide them to ISP Special Agent Derrick Taylor by Friday, December 18, 2010.
FDD Tigera went through each proposed strategy in the document to entertain any changes or additions to the Report of Findings.
Legislation - Representative Reboletti stated the IGTTF needed to focus solely on behavior specific gun trafficking legislation and revisit some of the legislative proposals in the current draft report. It was decided by the membership to remove the large volume gun sales (one gun per month) and universal background checks proposals.
Community Relations – it was agreed upon to stay general with the community relations proposals and ensure we focus on the gun trafficking element and avoid anti-gun public advertising.
Enforcement – the membership agreed this element of the Report looked acceptable.
Training - the membership agreed this element of the Report looked acceptable.
FDD Tigera stated the proposed changes would be made to the Report and a final draft would be sent out to the membership in the near future. FDD Tigera reminded the membership the Report was required to be delivered to the Governor and the General Assembly by December 31, 2010.
E. Closing Remarks – Chairman Brown
Chairman Brown thanked the membership for their hard work over the last several months and for all of the proposals made to assist in curbing interstate gun trafficking. Chairman Brown felt the IGTTF was able to accomplish a great deal during the eight meetings.
F. Adjournment
A motion to adjourn was made by First Deputy Chief Mike Smith and was seconded by Assistant State’s Attorney Tom Mahoney. All members present concurred. The meeting adjourned at approximately 12:05 p.m.

For more information contact:
Public Information Office
Telephone: (217) 782-6637
TDD: (800) 255-3323

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