LEADS 2000 (non-Frame Relay Questions) Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements For Employees Accessing Leads

LEADS and NCIC policy dictates that state and federal fingerprint background checks be conducted for terminal operators, programmers, vendors and other persons employed or utilized to effectuate access to or initiate transmission of LEADS and NCIC information, regardless of frequency. In addition. All LEADS users must be LEADS certified in order to access LEADS. LEADS 2000 mandates both of these requirements prior to an individual being authorized for LEADS access.

If you are unsure whether a 'SID' number has been assigned to employees from your agency, submit a list of employee's names and DOB's on agency letterhead to the attention of Ms. Charity Berard at FAX/815-740-5174. The ISP Bureau of Identification will then send you a complete list of all employees at your agency who have been assigned a SID number. This request must be submitted in writing. No telephone requests will be accepted.

If you need a list of employees who are LEADS certified, with expiration date, contact your Field Specialist.

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