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  Help Eliminate Marijuana  

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The Illinois State Police needs your help in eliminating the cultivation of this illegal and dangerous drug. If you see marijuana or notice circumstances such as those listed below, please contact the nearest Illinois State Police District or call toll free: 800-247-7684. You do not have to provide your name.
  • A tent or camper trailer on wooded property with no evidence of recreational activities.
  • A pattern of traffic or a particular vehicle seen in the same isolated area on a regular basis.
  • A large tin barn or greenhouse on property where these structures would not normally be used. For example, on heavily wooded land where there are no animals to feed.
  • Large purchases by individuals of fertilizer, garden hoses, plastic PVC pipe, chicken wire, long 2x2 lumber, different size pots, machetes, camouflage netting and clothing, large trash bags, lanterns, portable heaters, extension cords, heat lamps, and fans.
  • Wooded lands with numerous POSTED and KEEP OUT signs displayed.
  • The use of guard dogs and alarm systems on property in the country especially in certain areas of the property.
  • An unusual structure located in remote forest areas, along with buckets, garden tools, fertilizer bags, etc.
  • Signs of cultivation or soil disturbance in unlikely areas.
Upon discovery of a suspected marijuana plot, remember that marijuana growers can be dangerous.
  • DO your best to know the exact location by using existing landmarks.
  • DO make note of any vehicles or persons in or around the area.
  • DO exit the area on the same route you entered.
  • DO notify law enforcement authorities immediately.
  • DO keep this information to yourself after notifying the proper authorities.
  • DO NOT enter an area or go any closer than is necessary to identify the plants.
  • DO NOT look around for additional plants.
  • DO NOT take a sample plant or segment with you.
  • DO NOT leave any unnecessary sign of your presence in the area.
  • DO NOT return to the area unless accompanied by law enforcement officials.
Cannabis grown outdoors is typically cultivated in remote locations, often on public lands. Growers may also access privately owned land and cultivate cannabis in corn fields or with other legitimate crops. Marijuana may also be cultivated indoors. Indoor grow operations allow year-round cultivation and provide a controlled environment conducive to the production of the high-potency form of cannabis known as sinsemilla. The indoor grow operation may range from several plants grown in a closet to thousands of plants grown in an elaborate, specially constructed room or building.
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Cannabis in Field Cannabis in Field
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